Cycling has quickly become the most popular outdoor activity and leisure sport. BION's CY-Series Cycle Computers combine WHEEL MOTION & PULSE into one system to help you get the best results from your cycling workout. Its distinct wireless system attaches to the wheel of your bike quickly and easily. Just hook it on and your on your way.
  The new BIONCLINO has gotten a new multi display and avant-garde design. It uses extraordinary new techniques and moreover the previous complicated calibrations are now no more necessary!

On this new version you can compare the instant power and gradient together with heart rate beat in order to get an execllent fit status.
CY-100AP Wireless Cycle Computer (2 RF channels)
  The Bion CY-100AP is designed to give the kind of feedback desired by the most discerning cyclists. It offers all the functionality on one large easy to read display. It is the premier cycle computer for all you challenging cycling and heart rate training.
CY-100AP CY-100W CY-100APC
CY-200AP Wireless Cycle Computer (2 RF channels)
  The Bion CY-200AP is designed to give feedback required by the most discerning cyclists. With all the functionality you need. Bion Cy-200AP also is a premier cycle computer with challenge riding & Heart Rate training.
CY-200AP CY-200W